How to redesign a Start-up brand from UI to design strategy with experience design?


By the time I joined ListMe, they do not have designers focusing on experience design. The work, including the UI design, was not ready to be implemented by the engineering team. It has not yet gone through the design phases of wireframing and prototyping. 

Redesigning UI

The UI had not gone through UX research and testing/ prototype before it was sent to the development team. Display issues and the font size were causing some parts of the UI not working as intended. The design team proposed that the founder give us time to renovate the design with the human-centred approach. Our work can be found in the app on App Store and Google Play now.  

A map interface for ListMe users to quickly locate venues available with clear information to help mark their destination.


A user profile page allowing users to decorate their own profile with a picture of their choice and past activities.
The Figma prototype is built to also help communication between the design team and the coding team to make sure the detail is not lost in between

The Figma component is carefully built to make sure the designer working on expanding the app can quickly remodify the UI components in the future.


The branding

The branding assets of ListMe does not have high-level consistency as past designers on the team created their assets without a branding guidebook. Luckily, with Alison Yang, an exceptional UX designer, we have the resource and time to create the branding guidelines before ListMe starts to launch its media campaign. 

Logo Rebranding

A motion graphic logo design as a part of the rebranding effort for ListMe

The bouncer app

The B2B aspect of ListMe requires an App designed especially for business partners. The design team came together with their ideas to create the app with touchpoints carefully designed.

Bouncer App Concept development

The design team together came up with several versions of the interface proposals. We explred the features that would be desirable for the experience.


Bouncer App Wireframing with Figma

The Bouncer App is carefully design with UX design principles. The App is now available for ListMe business partners as the lockdown eases.

The landing page restructuring

The landing page was created before several key strategy adjustments. Wording on the landing page, some of the digital assets and the flow of the website were not meeting ListMe's needs. I worked with the founder to reestablish a functional webpage

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